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GroupReader is a collaborative news management system that helps reduce information glut by getting everyone to read from the same page.

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The Problem

Most news reading solutions are designed for one person usage - the task of finding and organising hundreds of suitable sources and then spending time each day to look through them is hard work. What if you could share that load with other people?

GropuReader is a collaborative way to easily manage and organise hundreds of sources. Internal and external usage statistics help create a stream of interesting content even when you don't have time to use it.

How it Works

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Designed for quickly filtering thousands of articles and sources on any device.

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By gathering usage and reccomendations combined with data from external sources we help you discover the most interesting and relevant content.

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Relevant content

Discover the best articles and sources.

Using a combination of internal usage metrics, like what people are reading, reccomending and discussing combined with external statisicts from social networks, the popular section offers a great way to catch up on the most relevant stories.

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Product screenshot

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Word On The Street

From users of the FootballFilter website which is powered by GroupReader.

"Efficient Website."

J├╝rgen Klinsmann, Coach USA

"Top 25 football websites."

"Worthy Websites Award.."

WSC, Independant Football Fanzine